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NortheastTel offers basic telephone service to both residential and business customers in the communities we serve. NortheastTel has been providing quality local telephone service to the Northeast Louisiana area for many years. We are proud to be your local telecommunications provider, and as the industry grows and changes, we look forward to continuing to serve all of your future telecommunications needs.


NortheastTel offers high speed broadband Internet at a great price from the name you've come to trust. Unlike many other tech companies, NortheastTel was built in and for our community. And we understand that configuring your computer can be a trying experience, and we pride ourselves on being here and helping you through all of your technical needs. We're only a phone call away.


NortheastTel offers full service web hosting packages with the same great customer service you have come to expect. Our state of the art data center is packed with features, including redundant power, data backup, environmental control, clustered servers to provide high availability, high bandwidth Internet connections and certified support engineers.

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