NortheastTel is aware that there has been a major increase in the number of spam calls received by our customers and we are working toward finding ways to help alleviate the aggravation. A recent ruling by the FCC will allow telephone companies to take further steps in blocking unwanted calls, and NortheastTel is looking into the best ways to eliminate as many of these unwanted calls as possible. Unfortunately, nothing we do will stop every call from coming through. Below is a list of steps customers can take to help limit the calls and the damage they can do:

  • Don’t answer unrecognized numbers
  • Hang up on unwanted callers – Any type of conversation or response from you could possibly even increase the number of calls, so just hang up.
  • Block the number, if possible. Use the *67 feature on your NortheastTel telephone service, or contact your cell phone provider to find out how to block numbers on your cell phone.
  • Don’t give out any personal information, EVER. Even if the caller says they are with a government entity, you should never give out personal information over the telephone (such as banking information or Social Security number.) Ask for a case number and call the listed telephone number for the organization before giving out information.
  • Enroll in the state and national “Do Not Call” lists to ensure that legitimate telemarketing companies won’t call you. Of course, illegal spammers are not going to use the list, but you can at least cut down on the number by enrolling.
  • Be selective about sharing your telephone number. Forms, both online and in print, that ask for your telephone number may lead to increased telemarketing and spam calls. Many companies sell lists of telephone numbers and email addresses that are compiled using these forms and not every purchaser of the lists are legitimate companies.

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